Listening to the incomparable and legendary Herbie Hancock’s “MAIDEN VOYAGE”

When I can’t seem to find what direction to go musically, I never go wrong by returning to the source with cats like Herbie Hancock. Today, I start with his mesmerizing classic “MAIDEN VOYAGE.” With each spin, this distinct yet cool blend of post/bop never fails to please even the novice can embrace this enjoyable and accessible album. Maiden features the provocative yet superb interplay of bassist Ron Carter, trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, unheralded tenor saxophonist George Coleman, and drummer Tony Williams.

Herbie Hancock, MAIDEN VOYAGE

At the time of this release, Hancock was on the verge of becoming a rising star by composing thoughtful and heartfelt gems showing his understated effervescent voicings, textures, and unpredictable melodic ambiance with lasting impact. What a enjoy this recording is, Herbie’s music clearly ascends effortlessly often with coherent yet challenging harmonies that are unsurpassed yet subdued when called for while bending the various tones with timeless interplay summons listeners again and again for repeated listens.



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