Listening to “UNEASY” the latest recording by renowned pianist-composer Vijay Iyer with bassist Linda Oh and drummer Tyshawn Sorey

For the life of me, I simply can’t muster the right combination of words to describe the extraordinary giftedness of pianist Vijay Iyer. His music more often than not speaks volumes, I find at this juncture his new offering “UNEASY” released in April is absolutely unrivaled. By no means am I eager to compare because each offering by Iyer is intoxicating therefore leaving me speechless? Nonetheless, this recording challenges me differently with each note unparalleled by any measure is anchored to the swift and timeless interplay and artistry of Linda Oh and Tyshawn Sorey who underscore each composition brilliantly executed making them worthy of repeated spins. I love this album, it’s undoubtedly my favorite jazz album thus far.

Vijay Iyer, UNEASY

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